Do We Have Enough Fresh Water for Drinking?

The answer to this question certainly lies in the recent report of NITI Ayog and WaterAid, have found that seventy percent (70%) of India’s surface and groundwater is contaminated by human & other waste and is likely to carry virus. Today’s practices have created more interaction with animals which can easily transfer virus of any mutation to human body.
Remnants of the virus have also been detected in the raw sewage across Sydney. Research at the university of Stirling in Scotland indicates that the SARS-COV-2 virus can spread through sewage water.
There is an alarming situation of our river water, lakes which carries human waste, sewages & toxic waste can be a very generous host for virus of different kinds.

Are we prepared for this? Can we decontaminate our bodies and ground water?

This could take several decades. We can use RO (Reverse Osmosis), but it also removes healthy nutrients of water. What could be the solution then?
There are two unpolluted fresh water sources left in the country -water lying below our forests and aquafers that are below the flood plains of Rivers.
We need to understand the scarcity of natural resources and must conserve it, if we don’t it will be too late to realise as population of India increasing and hence the consumptions.

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